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X-ray supplies and accessories that help a busy radiology staff stay organized and effective.  We are proud to be the manufacturer of our own line of unique Radiology accessories. Our products, the Grid Caddy, Door Caddy and Glove Caddy are all designed to be simple, functional, and attractive. These accessories provide practical storage spaces that easily attach to your GE portable x-ray equipment with no drilling required. Thanks to our commitment to quality and customer service, our company continues to grow and expand.

We also offer a full line of x-ray supplies, parts, and accessories to our local and nationwide customers, including lead glasses, lead aprons, CT slickers and cassette covers.

Please take time to browse our web site and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any of our x-ray supplies or accessories. Thank you for your continued support.


Jason A. Shearin, RT(R)(CT), Founder and CEO